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Former Olympian Kim Glass Attacked On The Street In Los Angeles

BET News

Jul 12, 2022

Olympic volleyball player Kim Glass, who won a silver medal in 2008, is recovering after a random attack in downtown Los Angeles on June 9.

On her Instagram Stories, Glass said she was saying bye to a friend when a man, who she believed to be homeless, threw a metal object at her, "He had something in his hand on the other side of the car in the street and he just kind of looked at me with some pretty hateful eyes and as I turned to go tell my friend, 'I think something's wrong with him, I think he's gonna hit the car,' before I knew it, a big metal bolt, like a pipe, hit me in my eye. Hit me here, here. It happened so fast -- he literally flung it from the street so he was not even close to me at all,"

Glass was hit in the eye, which resulted in a fractured cheek and stitches.

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