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Melodic Hip Hop Artist Real Rell Sparks Change with Mixtape, ‘Answer the Call’ and Single, ‘Graduated’

HipHopNow Staff

Mar 18, 2022

ATLANTA - At the age of 12, Real Rell knew he wanted to be a rapper. He did not know that his music would ignite a change in his community and worldwide.

Growing up in New Orleans, the street life surrounded Rell. After relocating to Atlanta after Hurricane Katrina, Rell remained focused on music. Early in his career, his music revolved around growing up hustling on the streets. “I rapped about what I was going through, ya know, and how it was in these streets. It was about everyday life for me,” he explained.

But then something changed - Rell’s musical inspiration and style. Focusing on social issues and positive messages, ​Rell brings a reality-based approach to his music, hitting home with listeners. Using his melodic undertones and style coupled with his love of 808 bass sounds, Rell’s wordplay places him ahead of other rising artists.

“My music is for everybody, and it really doesn’t have a specific sound,” he said. “I’m in an experimental stage and hope that people get it.”

The change began with “Answer the Call,” an 13-track mixtape. “People will see that I’m not just a rapper; I’m something different,” Rell said. “It’s a project that covers a lot of experiences. I really went there on many topics. Instead of me telling you about the mixtape, I want the people to tell me what they think. I believe my mixtape will speak for itself.”

The mixtape follows a narrative of the reality that black communities face daily. Rell frequently pauses through the project to add commentary about street life, giving the listener a taste of reality straight from Rell’s past.

Additionally, Rell is heating up the industry with his latest single, “Graduated.” The track has had more than 25k streams in two days on YouTube. With an explicit and radio version, “Graduated” hits a new level of hip hop for Rell. “Graduated” starts with a melodic beat that transfers into a lengthy vibe for the smooth song that displays Rell’s versatility.

“I changed my style gradually to another level, and this song shows my change along with the culture and hip hop of the streets,” he said.

With a music video dropping soon, “Graduated” is a tale about Rell’s journey and is relatable to millions of teens graduating from high school into the “real” world. In fact, “Graduated” may be the sleeper song that will be heard at commencement exercises across the U.S.

Rell, who was once the black sheep and lived in the on the east side of New Orleans, is now a formidable hip-hop artist who captures life’s struggles and offers a way to spark change. “The crazy thing is I did negative music. When I changed it, there was an immediate result,” Rell said. “I’m a seed that’s been planted. It’s real genuine, and I hope people can vibe with it.”

Rell stays true to his roots, but he refuses to be put himself into a box, “I do what I do because I love writing, rapping, and getting the people to vibe with me. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Make sure to stay connected to Real Rell on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

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