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Kwame Brown Calls Out Dwyane & Zaya Wade Over Kobe Dress Tribute

Kwame Brown Calls Out Dwyane & Zaya Wade Over Kobe Dress Tribute

Dwyane Wade's daughter Zaya has been very open and honest about her gender identity over the last couple of years. After changing her name and coming out as Trans, D-Wade showed Zaya a ton of support, and he has been credited for allowing his child to be themself, regardless of what others might say.

On social media, Zaya has been an advocate for those from marginalized groups and is constantly showing people that it is okay to be themselves. Unfortunately, this can come with some hate, as we saw this past week when Zaya honored Kobe and Gigi Bryant with a Lakers number 8 jersey that was turned into a dress.

While most of the comments were positive, there were some who felt like this was the end of the world as we know it. Among them was none other than former NBA player Kwame Brown, who went on a rant about the matter, claiming that D-Wade is letting women run his household. He also went on to say that the dress was a disrespectful act that ultimately discredits Kobe's legacy.

"You are letting your woman control your house," Kwame said. "I'm not saying there's anything against homosexuals, but [Kobe] is a heterosexual man. Why is he being honored by making his jersey into a dress? Wear his goddamn jersey for the day to honor him without the dress part. Let's please not show our black brother in this light. This is no offense to nobody else. This man was a heterosexual man with a wife and a family. There's no reason for this to be tied to Kobe Bryant. None whatsoever."

It seems like a very odd thing for Brown to nitpick on, however, he is on a bit of a media kick these days. From his beef with Stephen A. Smith to his feud with Gilbert Arenas, Kwame Brown has seemingly been everywhere.

Needless to say, Brown knows exactly what he's doing by saying all of this.

Alexander Cole

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