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Michael Rainey Jr. & Lil Meech Trade Shots As 50 Cent Looks On

Michael Rainey Jr. & Lil Meech Trade Shots As 50 Cent Looks On

At this rate, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson might need his own bank soon. He continues to keep his foot on the gas pedal with an extensive television universe on the Starz network, blockbuster movies, new music, and other money-making ventures, but it appears as though there's a little bit of a feud happening between his shows BMF and Power Book II: Ghost.

Over the last few weeks, we've seen 50 engage in camaraderie with BMF star Lil Meech, as well as Michael Rainey Jr., who plays Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost. The two young actors have seemingly gotten into a social media beef, cracking jokes about one another as they battle in the ratings department. For right now, BMF is the #1-rated show on Starz but Ghost is creeping up.

That seemingly kicked off some problems between Meech and Rainey. Lil Meech posted on Instagram, asking, "Wya Lil Ghost?" Rainey Jr. responded by saying that with Ghost back on the air, they'd retake the #1 position in no time.

"My young boys crazy and competitive," said 50 about the debate. "They like nah i ain’t #2 ,number 2 means you the first n***a to lose fuck that !"

The posts are getting pretty savage, so check them all out below and let us know your thoughts.

Alex Zidel

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