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Texas boy, 9, thrashes Black female classmate’s door with a whip, doorbell camera shows

Texas boy, 9, thrashes Black female classmate’s door with a whip, doorbell camera shows

A video is going viral of a 9-year-old white Texas boy coming to the home of a Black female classmate and beating on her front door with a whip in hand.

According to local TV station WFAA, the incident occurred Thursday in Forney, a city about 20 miles east of Dallas, and has been described as a “bullying issue” between the children. The targeted girl’s family, however, has another explanation: “We know the history of the whip,” said her father, Dezerrea Nash. “This is a racial issue. He comes to the door with a whip.”

The news report says the girl’s mother, Carissa Nash, shared that the incident happened on Thursday, when she heard a knock at her front door. “I look at my doorbell camera before going to the door,” she told WFAA, “and I see it’s a little kid.”

She said she noticed that it was the family’s young neighbor, holding a whip in his hand.

The doorbell video that the station showed viewers captures Mrs. Nash opening the door and saying: “Little boy, you better get your [expletive] from off my porch, beating on my door like this. I will call the police. You need to leave.”
“Don’t you ever beat on my [expletive] door like this,” she continues, her video reportedly shows. “Go.” The child then walks away.

According to the report, they recorded another video showing Mr. Nash going to their neighbor’s door to confront them about the boy’s behavior. “I’m coming to have a conversation with you, sir,” their clip captures him telling an adult occupant. “Your son, I’m going to show you the video.”

“Okay, so he beat on your door,” the man, identified as Bryan Brunson, says in response.

“Can you come look at our car?” Mrs. Nash, who’s recording, chimes in from the driveway while her husband mentions to Brunson that there was also now a large scratch on their vehicle. During the confrontation, Brunson — who is holding a gun in his hand — accidentally discharges the firearm.

Brunson was later arrested and charged with deadly conduct. He has retained an attorney and told WFAA that there is more to the story.

“This stems from a bullying issue between the [girl] and the young boy with the whip,” said Jason Johnson, Kaufman County’s Precinct 2 constable. “There’s been several interactions between the two of them at different times and different locations.”

Details on the alleged interactions were not released.

TheGrio Staff

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