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TSU housing crisis leaves student 'homeless' and having to live in their car

TSU housing crisis leaves student 'homeless' and having to live in their car

That student said she would like to remain anonymous and she’s not letting it get to her as she’s determined to keep pushing through all of her classes, as it is the homestretch for her and other TSU seniors.

The senior said she wants the university to do better.

“It kind of makes me feel betrayed because we're encouraged to go to school, get higher education, do what you have to do to be successful in a world,” the senior said.

“All of my classes are in person so it just makes me sad, like really sad because I give them my money every year I’m involved on our campus,” she said adding she loves TSU and will stand-up for the school but feels the school won’t do the same for her.

“If somebody ever was to talk down on TSU, I'm backing them up, but this made me not even want to do that anymore,” the senior said.

“Like because y’all left me homeless. So, what can I do for y'all now?” she said.

“Nothing, because y’all did exactly that for me – nothing.”

The TSU senior said she’s been sleeping in her car for a few days, while other students are living in hotels, to work around the overflow of student housing.

“It's kind of really scary. I don't know exactly where to park my car, you know, i just kind of winged it. And that feels very dangerous to me.”

FOX 17 News’ Payton Muse reached out to TSU by email and by phone, they said they are unaware of the student that is living in their car and asked for the student’s information so they can help

“Nashville is a high cost of living area, really. Y'all are setting us up for failure, almost,” said the senior.

Muse reached out to the university, again, to ask them about the students that still do not have their housing assignments.

The university said in an email statement that they are providing students on the housing waitlist information on housing across music city.

We also asked the university for their recruiting numbers for the past five years along with the number of how many students still are left without housing and we are waiting on those numbers.

See the university’s full response:

“While we cannot comment on an individual student's situation due to student privacy laws, please note that the timing of an individual's application for housing affects the availability of housing for that individual. We strive to assist students with their housing but may not be able to fulfill the request if they do not apply in a timely manner and pay the required fee. Individuals are then placed on a waiting list. All upperclassmen who paid a housing deposit have received room assignments, as TSU has housed over 5000 students. To further assist students on our waiting list, the University will provide them with information on housing in the Metro Nashville area."

Payton Muse

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