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Young Dolph shot 22 times by attackers, rapper's autopsy report reveals

Young Dolph shot 22 times by attackers, rapper's autopsy report reveals

Authorities have charged two men with first-degree murder in his death and publicly named three other persons of interest in the case. Little information about the events of the shooting or leading up to the shooting have been shared by law enforcement.

In photos circulated by the Memphis Police Department , two suspects in the shooting are each holding a gun.

Both suspects pulled up to the bakery, jumped out of a car, and fired into the store, striking Dolph several times, authorities have said.

Young Dolph dies: Rapper, 36, fatally shot at Memphis bakery, authorities say

Examiners appear to have reviewed 22 wounds to Dolph's body. Six were labeled as entrance wounds, all to the back. Three exit wounds were identified in the chest and abdomen on the left side.

The report notes that "comingling" tracks of the wounds "(prevents) accurate assignment of" entering and exiting gunshot wounds. "However, the assessment of the wounds indicates that the most common trajectory of the bullet wound paths is forward."

Other wounds to the head, neck and arms are not explicitly described as entrance or exit wounds.

Prior to the fatal shooting, Dolph lived through two shootings in 2017.

Dolph is survived by his life partner, Mia Jerdine, and two young children, Aria and Adolph Thornton III, known as Tre.

At a public celebration of the rapper's life in December, Tre told a crowd at FedEx Forum : “My dad was the person who raised me and he trained me to be a good man when I grow up. ... Now that he is dead I’m going to make it up to the whole world and be the greatest person you will ever know.”

The owners of Makeda's Homemade Butter Cookies have decided to close the location of the bakery, which fans have turned into a memorial.

Laura Testino

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