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Brother Ramuz Yunus: Taking bold steps to housing Black People in Detroit

Learning about Brother Ramzu Yunus was in a very peculiar way.

When I first started getting attention to my YouTube platform, I was receiving long emails asking me about how I felt about Self-Determination, taking what belongs to us, and not depending on the government.

In these emails, there were references to international laws and human rights violations.

The emails were profound in expression and detail in nature.

Nevertheless, we had a back and forth respectable discourse emailing.

Still, as of today, I don't know if that was him or someone else advocating for him.

But a fellow comrade in the movement shared information via written material and videos about Brother Ramzu, his story, journey, and his Self-Determination Movement.

It was then, that I was able to put a name on a face with Brother Ramzu and connect the dots to the emails.

Finally, we were mutually connected through another comrade in the movement, in which we spoke over the phone last night.

The conversation was cordial and respectful.

I did go into my interviewer bag; however, I only asked a couple of questions.

What I can say about Brother Ramzu Yunus, he was humble, attentive, and modest.

His responses to my questions were brief and concise. We were able to engage like we've been knowing each other for years.


Tune in on January 8th, 2022, Saturday at 8 pm Est., Brother Ramuz will appear on a live broadcast on MajorTv Let’s Talk.

Don’t miss it! Join in the discussion and learn more about this brother, the Self-Determination Movement in Detroit, and the push to get free homes to Black people.

Personally, it was an honor to finally meet this heroic brother. Words alone cannot describe my admiration for him.

What he is doing in Detroit with organizing, galvanizing, and mobilizing the people to do for themselves and take action is remarkable.

I just want to urge that we get behind him and make these aspirations for our people become a reality.


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