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Call for Unity

Updated: Jan 13

There has been a lot said throughout the years about the Black community unifying, but it

seems as though the louder the call gets, the less serious the movement to unify become.

Some people in the community may think we have unity. However, this is not unity. It is just a social Black gathering with no real purpose in addressing our real issues and finding viable solutions in fixing them.

In addition, what we may consider as unity, can also be looked at as social isolation of a particular group of people by society as a whole. In fact, that's what Blacks have been subjected to throughout American history.

Segregation never ended. It was just done in a subliminal way. Look at the urban areas versus suburban areas.

We have always been put inside a bubble in America, where we had to figure out how to move forward. Unfortunately, many of us have been thinking more individualistic rather than thinking collectively.

As result, whenever it came down to discussing what matters more in the movement and struggle to advance our people, it became more of a spectacle than an objective discussion that can produce effective results.

We have found more ways to debate about our differences than agreeing on what needs to be done in solving our problems.

This is not to take away from the sincere brothers and sisters who are putting in the work and building up our community.

So, Friday, January 14, 2022, tune in at 9 pm et/8 pm ct, on MajorTv, as we urge a “Call for Unity” reflecting on our past and present circumstances as a people in America.

This will be a very important discussion regarding our future and fate.

We will either stand up or lay down.

Tune in with MajorTv and this powerful panel: OCtheGreatTv, Bro Ramzu Yunus and Brother Nasiy Nasir X as we come together and talk about unifying and building a strong nation of people.


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