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The prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, RoseMary Tucker is making an indelible mark in the Houston community and surrounding areas.

As a philanthropist and focused entrepreneur RoseMary has won numerous medals, trophies and citations of achievement.

Her name is well known in many circles as a person of integrity and determination.

As a child growing up in Cairo, Georgia, Ms. Tucker was reared by her mother to stand strong on a foundation of faith. She is mindful to give thanks to God for all of her accomplishments.

She is the CEO of Blessties Christian Apparel located in Cypress, Texas and founder of

Hoodies4Healing Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

This dedicated foundation continued to operate even during the pandemic serving over 20,000 hungry souls since its inception. RoseMary operates Hoodies4Healing with a sense of purpose and humility while catering to those in need. Her hot meals and warm smile are a welcome sight to thousands of unhoused individuals.

RoseMary takes great pride in being a loving mother to her jewels, Darion, Dyanna, Adrian, and Adian who diligently serve alongside of her.

On October 8th, 2022 @ 5 pm, Ms. Tucker will be on MajorTv Let's Talk to talk about her journey, the work she's doing in the Houston community, and how you can help.

Please tune-in for another great show.

Please support these efforts by shopping @BLESSTIES or donating to the Hoodies4Healing

Foundation. Contact RoseMary at Hoodies4Healing@gmail.com or 346-462-1601.

Alegra Hall

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