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New Black History Course

There is a new Black History Course provided by the Black Secret Education Project at www.blacksecret.co.uk. I was privy to this information which was shared on my YouTube platform, MajorTv Let’s Talk.

I had the opportunity to interview a very renowned and respectable Black historian, Robin Walker aka Black History Man. This was very informative and enlightening on many levels.

Robin first opened up talking about the goal of the Black Secret Education Project and acknowledged several notables Black historans who wrote books about our history and many untold truths.

Taking 0n Dr. John Henry Clarke approach on teaching Black history, Robin explained how him and his team decided to create Black history courses that was not explained or examined fully due to the lack of technology and modern day advancement.

Robin further explained that due to this new advancement, this is considered new in the eyes of Black histroy today.

Robin goes into his presentation talking African history acknowledging different great countries in African and the history associated with it. He showed how civilize different parts of African was compared to what we've been been told.

Robin's illustrations, demonstrations, and explainations of so many aspects of our history were amazing. You will have to view the video to get the gist of it all. It is a MUST SEE moment!

At the end of presentation, Robin informed the audience that this Black Hostory Course is available now. He breaks down the course and cost.

Robin said that his goal was to talk about our history that isn’t covered and connect the necessary dots.

He also mentioned that we exert too much energy on debating or trying to prove irrelevant things about our history when the ground work of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop and other notable Black historians have covered and decoded.

Robin has figured out a way to teach Black people about their history and how to teach their children.

His ability to simplify many aspects of our history and help us understand the truth from the lies are remarkable. Thanks to technology-teaching and learning has become easier.

In addition, he will also offer Black Business Courses.

Please sign up NOW! I did!


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