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NFAC Leader Grand Master Jay: The Man, The Myth & The Legend

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

GMJ with NFAC/Whas11.com

When I first met NFAC Supreme Commander Grand Master Jay (GMJ) aka John F. Johnson, I was among many Black people who supported the Black man, who chose to exercise his 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and form a black militia called NFAC (Not F--king Around Coalition).

Waiting in front of the blustering wind was a bit uncomfortable. Yet, the anticipation and anxiousness to meet GMJ was high.

According to the criminal complaint, GMJ was charged for forcibly assaulted, resisted, opposed, impeded, intimidated, and interfered with federally deputized task force officers while they were engaged in or on account of the performance of official duties, when he allegedly aimed a rifle with a flashlight at them on September 4, 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Alleged photo of GMJ pointing gun at rooftop/nydailynews.com

According to the infamous photograph (of him allegedly holding an assault rifle with a flashlight), there appears to be no criminal intent that can be inferred. However, the federal and state pursued charges against him.

When he appeared before a very supportive and devoted crowd of Black men and women, the crowd burst into cheers and excitement. I stepped away and started videoing the entire moment.

GMJ is greatly admired by many Black people nationally and internationally for his stance, teachings, and heroic efforts to open the eyes of many who felt oppressed and left behind.

He followed the likes of revered greats like Honorable Marcus Gavey, Elijah Muhammad, and Malcom X, who came to raise the level of spiritual, mental, and cultural awareness, along with a call for unity and responsibility to self and community.

GMJ’s single course of action to stand up and speak out against the racial violence and injustices, reached so many, including the elderly and the younger people worldwide. His following and support grew quickly.

The Reality of the Situation

According to many, he had done something that they had never seen before. He had got armed, formed a Black militia, and went on the streets of America speaking out and demanding justice.

No one, as to date, knows how huge NFAC is. The media or naysayers speak less of its numbers and bad about NFAC and its inception.

John F. Johnson aka Grand Master Jay (GMJ) is an ex-military man, former DJ, rapper, President Candidate, but a self-made, intelligent man. Little is said about his personal life and upbringing.

For GMJ, life is lessons of pains and gains.

But many look at him as a messiah or prophet, citing scriptures and prophesizing the coming of the day.

Nonetheless, no one can deny the historical significance of NFAC, lead by GMJ, the largest militia organization to date, formations, Black gun ownership rise, new Black Gun Clubs, and laws that were pasted due to NFAC impact in 2020 and more.

I can go on and on about this, but I want insult GMJ's intelligence. It wasn't about accolades but the people.

Sadly, no one is reporting about the impact and attention that Black Armed Men and Women brought to Ahmaud Arbrey‘s case by White men who hunted down Ahmaud and murdered him.

They went in front of the culprits, Greg and Travis McMichaels' home, to confront them about this heinous act.

Black men armed in front of McMichaels' home in Brunswick/CBS.46

The recording of this went viral!

As a result, a former prosecutor, Jackie Johnson was arrested and indicted but later released on bond. The McMichaels and co-defendant Bryan were arrested and are on trial now.

Though it did take a total grassroot movement to share light to Arbery’s case, what these brave Black people did was telling and started a new day in America.

But today, it’s hardly mentioned or talked about. Why? Why haven’t anyone acknowledged this heroic act? Why is it ignored when Black people stand up for justice?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because of a longstanding practice that we should not stand up for ourselves, but to follow the script-vote, pray, or protest. However, Black men and women are tired of the mistreatment and lack of genuine change in our community.

We would later learn that GMJ was one of the Black men who participated in this daring mission in Burnswick. He would go on to introduce NFAC to the world-its inception, motivation, and mission.

America has always feared a Black revolt because of its original sin, history of discrimination, killings, exclusion, marginalizing, targeting, and suppression of Black people.

When I first met GMJ

When I did get a chance to meet GMJ, it was in a grocery store parking lot, 20 minutes away from the Jefferson County Courthouse in Louisville. This was a nice size crowd who all followed his caravan of NFAC security and members to a secret location.

Prior to the interview, GMJ gave great praise and recognition to Talk Black to Me Radio, OCTHEGREAT TV and myself (MajorTv) for our support and accurate depiction of what was happening to him.

GMJ talking to the people in a grocery parking lot in Louisville. Jon Cherry/Getty Image

The interview with GMJ got tense at times and a bit moody with some of my questions. Still, it was a great interview! He shared a lot of information to the people and spoke his truth.

Since then, we’ve had two more interviews, and they both went well. It’s been over a year now. I really got a chance know him, and I’ve grown to admire him as a person, man and leader.

God Sent

Despite all the criticism of GMJ, he has shown me that he believes in what he’s doing to be God sent-demanding justice for Black people and to liberate them.

I will sum up what I believe as to how he feels at this point: If it requires fighting against all odds, so be it. He once said, “If I die, I want to die on my own terms, fight for the people.”

Today, GMJ is as sure about himself than ever. Though NFAC was started a few years ago, in 2020, they had a major impact-addressing police brutality/violence, social, political, and economic injustices against Black people.

Personally, I had an opportunity to go to the NFAC Lafayette formation for the death of Trayford Pellerin in October of 2020. Here, I witnessed a spectacular formation and movement. The reaction from the people was impressive and overwhelming.

From that day, I supported and covered NFAC and its Suppreme Commander.

Four of the five charges were dropped and his Motion to Suppress Other Crimes Evidence was granted in federal court. The prosecution cannot introduce any previous incidents from his past.

GMJ is still facing serious criminal accusations and trial. But he maintains his innocence.

The people still talk about how they miss his Morning Mental and Factz Ova Feelingz, where GMJ spoke on spirituality, cultural awareness, systemic, institutional racism, and community empowerment.

He has acknowledged that the Morning Mental and Factz Ova Feelingz are back on NFAC private website, but you’ll have to seek an approval before gaining access.

One thing for sure, the people love him. They believe in him. At this point, he means too much to the people to walk away from what he had started. He has birth something that’s way bigger than him.

Black Power!!!

By MajorTv

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