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Remembering when White Privilege was displayed for the World to see

Updated: Jan 7

On January 6, 2021, one year ago, the United States Capitol was under a domestic terror

attack by its own.

The embarrassing aftermath left 5 people dead, 138 people injured including police officers, and within 7 months, 4 responding officers who responded to the Capitol riot committed suicide.

Sadly, prior to the January 6 Joint Session of Congress to count electoral votes that would finalize then-President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, there was intelligence information of such an attack possibly happening.

However, it wasn’t taken seriously.

The Capitol Hill breach was done in such a way that it has gone down as the most humiliating moment in U.S. history.

Aided on by former President Donald Trump, a large number of White pro-Trump supporters brought condemnation to Capitol Hill.

They were destroying everything on-site, taking pictures and videos of their destruction, and sitting in notable Dems offices talking smack.

To add insult to injury, some Republicans in Congress supported what happened on Capitol Hill.

After everything was said and done, over 700 arrests, 171 people pled guilty to the crimes and received sentences in the ranges of several months with a fine and up to ten years in prison.

Hundreds more are awaiting their fate for their criminal acts.

Unfortunately, the sentencing is less severe and the real conspirators, Trump, and some Republicans, who played a major role in urging and provoking those insidious acts by an angry White mob, underscores the whole criminal justice response.

However, there was a different, aggressive approach with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in DC.

Law enforcement didn't hesitate to take physical action in removing or arresting anyone.

No Surprise

The disparity in the treatment of Whites versus Blacks is well documented. Thousands of Black and Brown people are ushed into criminal courts for the pettiest crimes and are treated as criminals and outcasted by society.

The mistreatment of Black and Brown People and the obvious disparity is no longer a secret.

Everyone knows that Black and Brown people get the raw deal to everything.

But the rise of Black Armed Groups, Self-Determine and Reparations Movements are growing and are catching the attention of Black people everywhere.

Whether it's now or later, justice has to be served or there could be an unfortunate outcome.


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