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Socially Numb and Adaptative Behavior

It is obvious that the social-political-economical conditions of Black and Brown people are

real issues that affect the overall community and its behavior.

But, the real question is: "how will we manage to deal with it as a community, considering that the government has shown that our issues and concerns aren't important or don't deserve the attention needed?"

We know, as a result, the neglect of our community and the systemic issues has contributed to serious mental health issues that have not been addressed properly.

Though Black Mental Health has become a real topic of concern in our community, it still hasn't hit home with most Blacks-innerstanding what we go through and our reactions to common issues can become a bit challenging.

On March 19 at 5 pm, Saturday, tune in live as we welcome James R. Harrison, MSW and LCSW, as we speak about these issues and more.


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